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How We Look To Play At Manchester City

We call our playing style Beautiful Soccer. It is an expression and extension of our attitude, our beliefs, and our values. We strive to produce attractive, technically skilled, attack-based game that entertains. It is all about the team.



Manchester City Soccer Schools provide authentic and creative soccer coaching programs for players of all ages and abilities based on the coaching philosophy and methodology of Manchester City.

Through the creation of a player centric program “The City Play model.” The Manchester City Soccer Academy looks to support the development of all players, boys and girls, by helping them to improve their skills, become more confident and make new friends, all in a happy and safe environment.

We separate “The City Play Model” into the five phases listed below. These are designed as a guide for young players and to help them reach their full potential.

Experience The Manchester City Training Philosophy

Manchester City trained specialist coaches will deliver a new Development Program starting April 2019, running for 15 weeks continuously throughout the year. It is aimed at enthusiastic boys and girls, U8-U12 Season 1 and expanding to U6-U14 Season 2, who want to develop the fundamentals of the game. The program is designed to help improve soccer skills and provide realistic game playing experiences.


About The Academy

Each of the four phases of the development program encourages young players to build on what they have learned and further their soccer education playing “The Beautiful Game”

What we offer?

  • Manchester City trained coaches
  • Realistic game experiences
  • Soccer training sessions
  • Safe & fun environment

The Five Phases

Move to Play

For players right at the start of their soccer journey, introduces them to the physical movements required to play soccer and starts the understanding of being part of a team.

Play for Fun

Developed for players at the start of their soccer journey, sessions focus on the enjoyment of playing, gaining confidence in their own ability and inspiring a real passion for the game.

Play to Learn

Aimed at players with some experience focusing  on creating friendships and developing learning of the game by Imitating their football hero’s. Sharing their passion with friends, family and teammates along the way.

Play to Progress

 As individuals continue to grow in skill level and experience, players can then further develop their understanding of the game and how to make a difference in match situations.

Play to Perform

Aimed at players with more experience enabling them to showcase their talents and skills whilst maturing as soccer players. Players will develop further  understanding of their role in a team learning how City’s first team players compete at the highest level.


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