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Join the biggest & best leagues.

Get ready for the challenge of a competitive league.

Our league games add an intense, ‘something to play for’ element to your weekly pickup game and ensure that your bragging rights are something worth bragging about.

Our competitions are top class and making the step up couldn’t be easier. All of our leagues are accredited and we handle the paperwork and maintenance.

Not only that, Goals also offer a free trial game to assess your teams ability in order to place you in the most appropriate league.


League cup.

As an added bonus, if you want more fixtures, we will organise a league cup game for you.

This allows you to test your mettle against a wider variety of teams and ensure that you get your soccer fix.

Why choose Goals?

  • >Free trial game
    Free trial game
  • >Online fixtures/results/tables
    Online fixtures/results/tables
  • >Professionally organised
    Professionally organised
  • >Fully qualified referees
    Fully qualified referees
  • >Guaranteed weekly game
    Guaranteed weekly game

Professional standards.

All of our leagues are accredited and we only use fully qualified referees. We also provide a ‘Rate the Ref’ system so you can give feedback on their performance after your match.

We believe that standards should be a two way street.

Fair Play.

With that in mind, the Fair Play league runs for 8 weeks at a time, across all of our clubs and competitions. Your team will be rated on each game in terms of conduct, with a score of between 5 and -5 awarded to you, determined by the referee.

Everything will be taken into account from fouling to swearing to correct uniform and sportsmanship towards your opponents.

It’s worth bearing in mind that there are rewards for the fairest of them all!

You can also search for what leagues are at your local club, by day and by type.