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We have recently invested over £9 million in our pitches and clubhouses.

ProTurf® was created in collaboration with artificial grass experts, designed specifically for small sided football and exclusive to Goals.

As close to grass as you can get, ProTurf® delivers natural game play and pace, and is easier on your joints allowing you to play for longer.

Book your next game today and experience ProTurf® for yourself.

Join the biggest & best leagues

Get ready for the challenge of a competitive league.

Our league games add an intense, ‘something to play for’ element to your weekly pickup game and ensure that your bragging rights are something worth bragging about.

Sign up today and get a free trial game.

Best Kids Parties in South Gate

Book a Goals football party and give your child a special day to remember.

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Batting Cages

  • Our batting cages feature 10 speed settings, perfect for any level whether softball slow pitch, fast pitch or baseball
  • Book 30 minute ($15) or 60 minute ($25) sessions
  • Pay as you play with tokens ($1 for 12 balls). Get 1 free token with every $5 spent
  • Bring your own helmet & bat or hire ours ($2 and ID for a bat, helmet free with ID)*
  • *Helmets are mandatory for all players

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